Alliance Media Holdings Inc. (prior to the name change, Alliance Distributors Holding Inc.) is a vertically integrated video game company.  Alliance, which is listed on the OTC marketplace (Symbol: ADTR) , has three divisions each handling different aspects of the video game pipeline:

Distribution and Re-Manufacturing

Alliance Distributors is a leading wholesale distributor of video games, hardware and accessories, with a special concentration in value video games. Our direct buying relationships with approximately seventy-five third-party vendors such as, Electronic Arts (“EA”), Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment (“WB”), Ubisoft,  Take-Two Interactive Software (“Take-Two”), Square Enix, Konami and Capcom gives us the opportunity to, not only distribute the finest selection of value product, but also to re-manufacture some of their most popular value titles. We sell the entire spectrum of retailers, from the largest national retailer to the one-store independent. If you are a retailer and are looking for a supplier of video game product, or if you have proprietary game and are looking for a distribution partner contact us.


Alliance Digital Media is an authorized publisher for Sony Computer Entertainment of America, Microsoft and Nintendo. We publish both original games created by our development arm, Zachtronics, as well as third-party games on PC/Mac, mobile and console. If you have a game, whether early in the development process or ready for market, and are looking for publishing partner and/or funding, please contact us.


Zachtronics is Alliance’s development studio.  Zachtronics has developed such games as SpaceChem, Ironclad Tactics, Infinifactory and TIS-100.  Zachtronics was founded by Zachary Barth who is known for engineering puzzle games and creating building block mechanics that are used in many popular games.

Alliance Media Holdings Inc’s main offices are located in the Chelsea district of Manhattan at 127 W 26th Street, New York NY.  We have warehouse facilities and sales offices in Miami, Florida.  Through our partnership with Capacity LLC and Capacity’s affiliate TriCap International, we have three warehouse and fulfillment facilities in New Jersey and another facility close to the Los Angeles and Long Beach ports. Zachtronics is located in Renton, WA.


Alliance Media Holdings Inc
(Formerly Alliance Distributors Holding Inc.)

Steve Gelman • VP Marketing/Communications

127W 26th St. Ste. 904, New York, NY 10001 • 212-894-4750

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